Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cake Stands!

Since I started baking just over a year ago, I have been on the look-out for cake stands.  I seem to possess some sort of sixth-sense for finding them in some of the most unlikely places.  And when I find one, I am very likely to buy it.

For example, these remarkable cake stands were spotted in the gift shop of The Centre Pompidou in Paris, France last November.  I was soo excited...then I looked at the price. Yowzah!  I just couldn't do it.  But it gave me an idea. 

Quick side  note: About that same time, we was preparing for a large Thanksgiving sit-down dinner with two dozen of our closest friends.  Fiestaware, by Homer Laughlin, is the only way to go as far as I'm concerned.  When I found these sweet egg cups, I immediately knew how I could use them at each place setting; they'd complement the Fiesta perfectly.

Anyway, the cake stands in the gift shop had a white top and a colorful base.  I could recreate that idea and make a cupcake stand - an upended egg cup with a small, white tart dish.

When it comes to photographing the cakes and cupcakes, it's important to have a variety of heights...something about composition.  A dear photographer friend of mine, Malinda Julien, taught me some time back (late 1980s) that one way to assist with adjustments was - hide a box or chair or some type of riser under a blanket/throw.

Conversely, I have a lovely clear class cupcake stand...I simply place a Fiesta dessert/salad plate on top and completely change the look of the pedestal.  See if you can spot how many times I used it in the slideshow.

This is what I usually tuck under the table cloth to vary the heights of the cake stands, plates, etc.

Q:  "So what's the difference between a cake plate and a cake stand?"

A:  The cake stand has a pedestal base while the cake plate does not.  The cake plate is different from a standard dinner plate or serving platter since it is usually significantly flatter and not concave.

Tools of the trade are an essential component of success and can certainly add to the overall effect.

I do love that I get to continue to create and explore all sorts of cake, cakery, and cupcakiness.

Aaaand, a big shout-out to our oldest daughter Marie - she put the slide show together for me.  #wickedsmart #funny #publicspeaker #redlipstick

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