Welcome! I'm Julia, The Sugary Shrink. I am a Counselor, Wife, Mother, and Baker currently living in Germany. Here I share my experiences in the kitchen and the counselors' chair. I began baking to explore recipes and flavors that I had only ever tasted from the dreaded box mixes. Along the way I have discovered my love for the baking & creative process involved with creating new and unique cakes as well as classic palettes. 

Where do you get your ingredients? 

I buy my ingredients at the local markets. Currently I live in Heidelberg, Germany, which has made finding ingredients an adventure.  I have access to the military commissary, which has some of the staples, but I have also had great success in my community. I love to use fresh, local, in season produce. When I feel inspired by certain fruits and berries at the market I will often try to incorporate them into my next baking project. 

Where do you find your recipes? 

I have found many recipes online, which provided the basis for many of the recipes I currently use. I have also adapted most recipes to tweak them to my liking. You can find the recipes I use in the drop down menu above. 

Do you give baking lessons? 

As members of my community have requested, I have given baking and decorating lessons.  If you are interested, please contact me for more information. 

Do you have any baking or decorating tips? 

My entire blog is filled with tips and tricks to make your baking experience successful. If you have a specific question, see the sidebar or Contact Me tab and ask me directly. 

Do you sell your cakes? 

I have made cakes for birthdays, engagements, graduations, and many other occasions.  Pricing and information is available in the Order A Cake tab. 

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