Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Mint Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcake, tinted Mint Buttercream with a mini-Candy Cane

It hasn't been forever since I last only feels like that!  More later about what I have been doing - but today! I baked these little sweeties for a special order (something about an office Christmas party). 

Nothing says Christmas fun to me like buttercream with sprinkles!  The mint-green frosting is like a tree with blinking, twinkling lights...except it's edible.  The request was made right after I baked the Junior Mint Cupcakes as part of the Candy Bar Series.

Adding green sprinkles on the green buttercream enhances the overall color.  Besides, it's tough to go wrong with tone on tone.  It's a classic combination.


Anyway, I added a wee bit more mint flavoring and green gel since I wanted to highlight the red and white stripes of the candy cane.  I think this is a good pairing and I'm happy with the results.

A couple things to work on... less air in the buttercream to improve smoothness and more practice with this round open tip (not every circle is exactly round) but height improved as I worked.


These cupcakes are a winner for the season and I can't wait to make more!  Mint and Chocolate - a sweet combination.

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