Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Cupcakes

Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes with Mint or Vanilla Buttercream

Even though Prom is in the Spring, the high school seniors are working hard at a few fundraisers.  I donated three and a half dozen cupcakes to the cause and opted for a Christmas-themed presentation.

Keeping it simple, I baked one batch of chocolate cupcakes and one batch of vanilla.  Since it's much easier to tint buttercream that isn't chocolate, peanut butter, Nutella, etc - I worked with vanilla-based buttercream. 

After last week's success with the Christmas Mint Cupcakes, it was easy to recreate that design; mint and chocolate is a winning combination.  This time I used green cupcake liners instead of the dark brown liner...I was thinking it would add to the look.  I haven't decided if it makes a difference.

I have a friend who loves the chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream.  I made just a few like this and topped each with a sugar Christmas tree decoration.  Simple is so sexy.

I had a boss once who loved Christmas decorations that focused on the snowy side of the holidays.  I remember her office decorated in different shades of blue and all types of snowflake doodads (there might have been a string of snowflake lights?).  While making these vanilla cupcakes with blue tinted buttercream, I thought of Justine and our team of work colleagues.  It was a great season in my life.

Aaaaand, then I attempted to go all Pinterest-y (search for: Santa Hat Cupcake).  I saw these Santa hats and thought I could recreate it.  Ooops.  I'd say these first attempts were definitely a learning curve.  I needed to change piping tips several times.  The height of the red needs to increase and I still think the bottom band of white should be wider (but I don't have just the right item for that).  Things got better as I went along, but I'd give it a C+.

Pretty sure I was aiming for Santa Hat and not Saturn Rings.
The middle example - too big a piping tip.
On the right - closer, but why isn't there roundness on the top? Sigh.
Final results - not like Pinterest, but getting closer.

And then, because it's Wednesday, I made a Christmas tree from some of my Fiesta Ware..and put a yellow star on top.  I know, it might be a little more artsy, but I think it works.

I have a great life.  I get to be creative.  I have the love and support of my life partner.  I would love to be in rehab.  That season will come soon enough.

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