Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Ganache

Triple-layer 8" round Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream filling and Dark Chocolate Buttercream frosting.  Strawberry Garnish

This cake is not the cake I had in my head, but it's a good starting point.  The process of baking and building the cake went very well...

The chocolate crumb coat was flavored with 100gr of 72% cacao.  By adding that small amount, the crumb coat tasted exactly like the insides of a 3Musketeers candy bar.  Oh mercy, it was good. 
Preparing the dark chocolate buttercream didn't go as planned.  I added 250gr of 55% cacao - and again, it tasted just like milk chocolate.  Because I had melted it down and added to the butter during the buttercream process, by the time I was finishing with the frosting procedure...it was hardening.  It wasn't seizing (as is the term used during the melting process), but the cool-down effect of butter and cream was taking its toll.  DELICIOUS...but very ill-behaved. Read: not a smooth finish.  Sigh.


White chocolate ganache was prepared the same way as the chocolate chocolate ganache.  Since the last cake I made with drippy ganache was too thick, I opted for something more thin.  I used 8oz heavy whipping cream to 10oz white chocolate.  Unfortunately, it was too thin for my liking...somewhere there exists the perfect drippy ganache.  Also, I'd like to explore the possibility of producing a more white/ivory product...something a bit less yellow.

The white rose is a lovely adornment - not edible, but pretty.  The top needs to be as flat across as possible in order for the ganache to spread smoothly.
I wanted to garnish with a great amount of strawberries, but they are prohibitively expensive right now.  Ok.  Just a few on top will do then.  

My people shared one bite of this cake with me...oh.so.delicious.  The cake sponge had a great texture and was moist.  The chocolate the buttercream was smooth and chocolatey and a perfect compliment.   I hesitate to toot my own horn...this one needs to make a repeat somewhere.

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